Compression Bra - Heart rate Monitor

Compression Bra - Heart rate Monitor

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Pure Lime Compression BRA – HRM is one of a kind. This sports bra is combined with a heart rate sensor strip on the inside of the supporting band. The heart rate sensor can be attached directly onto the exterior of the sports bra instead of on the sensor strap.

The shoulder straps are adjustable in length and can be crossed for pleasant wearing comfort and stability.

This high impact bra is made of fabric that is extremely strong and breathable. Furthermore, this bra has side support for lift and to reduce side movements and chafing.

This HRM bra is suitable for the following brands: Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Timex, Sigma, Adidas, TomTom, Runtastic, Edomondo, Decathlon/Kalenji and Cardiosport.

This sports bra will help you to reach your full fitness potential.

Quality: 100% Polyester